Indeed, we love pets due to the many impacts they contribute to our life. Among the benefits of having a pet include; they are a source of relief when, provides a lively environment, some such as dog acts as security agents, among many benefits. Besides, pets are the only loyal friend a person can have. For these reasons, pets have been included to be part of prospective families.

Being part of a family, pets have been involved in various family programs, such as being included during family travels. With all the joy pets can bring during trips, they have one downside. They shed their fur coating frequently, which is usually difficult to clean. To protect your car’s upholstery, our Tony Betten Ford has prepared the following cleaning tips:

  1. Clean the car interior using rubber material to rub over the upholstery vigorously.
  2. Spray fabric softeners on your upholstery. Ingredients used to prepare softeners can loosen fur, making it easy to remove through a vacuum cleaner.
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