Carrying the 250, 350 and 350-level badges, the Ford Super Duty comes in more than 10 trims at Tony Betten & Sons Ford in Grand Rapids, MI. Having some of the largest cabins and most powerful mechanics in its class, this American model is renowned for its durability and rich heritage.

The Super Duty model has a durable steel frame with a high-strength grade. More than 95 percent of the frame is made of this industrial-type material that handles heavy stresses. The axles have also been reinforced with various alloys and other materials that resist damage from long-term contact with weather elements. Of course, the rear axles on this heavy-duty pickup truck also support heavy-duty towing and hauling loads. Even when the Super Duty tows more than 30,000 pounds, the rear end of the chassis won't deflect or deform by measurable amounts.

Additionally, the bed is reinforced in the corners and other strategic points for uniform distribution of hauling a load.

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