In recent years, compact crossovers have become a popular vehicle option for drivers. These vehicles combine the performance and amenities of traditional sedans with the space of an SUV. The Ford EcoSport is a popular compact crossover that's designed with comfort in mind.

The interior of the EcoSport is beautifully designed. Depending on the trim model you choose, you can get seats covered in cloth, perforated leather, or ActiveX material. The rear passenger area is quite spacious, providing enough room for three people to sit comfortably.

Complementing the seats is ebony-colored trim. The dashboard is sleek and modern. Metal accents are available for many trim levels at Tony Betten & Son's Ford Inc. They help provide a unique contrast to the stark black color palette of the interior. Some great convenience features, such as the eight cupholders, padded armrest, and deep storage compartments are included to enhance your daily commute in the crossover.



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