Performance Features of the Ford Fusion

In the midsize sedan vehicle class, the Ford Fusion is a popular option, with some of its trims offering best in class performance ratings.

Regardless of which trim level you choose, your Fusion will feature a turbocharged engine with direct injection and variable twin cams. Some trims include an all-wheel-drive system with intelligent sensors that monitor minute shifts in traction and allocate torque according to the wheels that need it most. Conserve gas with the Auto Start-Stop option, which will shut off the engine while the car is idling and start it up again the instant you press the accelerator. Electric power-assisted steering engages at higher speeds to smooth out any drifting or stuttering that occurs when you make small movements of the steering wheel.

Drive a Ford Fusion at Tony Betten & Sons Ford in Grand Rapids, MI. We can reserve a time for you to take a test drive and would love to talk with you about its many performance features.

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