What Value is a Dash Cam During an Accident Investigation?

Dash cams activate at the moment of engine ignition. Anything that happens inside or outside the vehicle is recorded while the engine is active. In the absence of a citation issued by a law enforcement officer at the scene, insurance companies use their investigators to find fault. Of course, when each participant in the accident uses a different insurance company, then the investigation gets testy.

Finding fault is sometimes an elusive solution. Actuaries determine the level of responsibility by each driver and their judgment reigns. Drivers who wish to control the investigation themselves mount dash cams to record how they drive, how others drive, and (in the case of an accident in Grand Rapids, MI or elsewhere), the accident itself.

At Tony Betten & Sons Ford, we install dash cams and set up the recording device for you. Guard yourself and your pocketbook with a dash cam properly mounted and activated.

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